Protective Waterproof Coating $200+ 
Gentle formula crafted with natural ingredients that creates a barrier, guarding against water, stains, spills and UV damage. The formula consists of micro-droplets that ensure that every inch of the material and leather is effectively protected and safeguarded from external factors.

Rejuvenation & Maintenance $200+
A regular cleansing and cleaning regime that effectively removes any mold, odor and minor stains of your luxury products using detailed techniques and quality materials. For bags that require just a little touch up, general cleaning or monthly maintenance, our team of artisans will assess your bag and identify areas that need require attention.

Complete Revival $250+
An overhaul restoration service for bags that are damaged or worn down. This includes spillages, color transfers, deep laceration, color inconsistencies, interior and exterior damages. Our artisans will assess each individual restoration project and identify areas that need requires immediate attention.

Mould Cleaning $200+
A deep cleaning service to remove mould and affected areas. The cleansing procedure is combined with a sanitization treatment to eliminate mould odour and prevent recurrence. Full inspection and assessment of the extent of mould growth and damage will be conducted by our team of artisans. 

Recoloring $250++
Our team of artisans will gently condition and prepare the leather for the recoloring procedure using non-toxic color dyes to ensure that your bags are recoloured accurately. Bespoke color matching services ensures that the new color applied matches with the original color standard. Dyes are transfer-proof and able to withstand weather conditions. 

Stitching and hardware replacement
Customised replacement solutions for your damaged buckles, zips and hardware. Replacement of zippers, snaps, eyelets, buckles and other hardwares are subjected to availability. Strap modification and replacement services are also available upon request. The replacement of zippers, snaps, d-rings, eyelets, buckles, and other hardware are among these services.